Two Geriatric Nuns are caught embezzling.

Once again the Catholic Church said they would handle it. Then families spoke out. The people in Torrance, California, sacrificed to send their children to St. James School paying $4,400 per kid. It’s my bet that those families weren’t taking trips to the casino and living as well as the two nuns who took from them. Somehow an audit was done about the same time as a woman found out that her tuition check was endorsed by one of the nuns. Makes me wonder if it would have come out at all if she didn’t complain. As usual, the pastor, one Msgr. (seems they all are Msgr.) said, if the nuns came to apologize …”if you’re going to sit here and throw tomatoes at them, no, I don’t think they ought to come.”  Well, la de frikin‘ da. Why shouldn’t they face the people they cheated? Torrance isn’t a rich town. It’s a nice town, but not rich. A lot of the people probably can’t afford to waste tomatoes. Good grief if a priest or nun doesn’t know right from wrong who does? Why should they be protected?

So these two gamblers said that there was no money to upgrade the school and programs for the kids. They are under “supervision of community leadership,” This means that they will get everything paid for without working. I think they should get new “habits,” orange jumpsuits. It would be good to see them back at the school as the janitorial team, but then someone hardworking would lose his job.

When will the Catholic Church understand that a crime is a crime and no one is exempt.

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  1. Where there is smoke often there is fire. I wonder if they learned to embezzle from someone higher up in this location. I can’t imagine that no one in higher authority did not notice the missing money. Maybe they were in on the stealing and the nuns just took a share while their higher ups kept a larger share. It is hard to imagine they were the only people on the take. I am suspicious because of the other immoral acts priests have been caught at in recent years. It is as if the entire Church has been corrupted. I know there are many good, honest folks in the Church, but there are so many rotten apples that I would think more people are involved in this scheme.

  2. The Church is behaving as if is an organized crime syndicate instead of a religious moral leader. When the men at the top of the organization behave badly what do you expect those at the bottom will do using their exalted leaders as an example? An organization rots from the top not from the bottom. The men at the top of this organization have not been great role models for anyone.

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