Two Geriatric Nuns are caught embezzling. Once again the Catholic Church said they would handle it. Then families spoke out. The people in Torrance, California, sacrificed to send their children to St. James School paying $4,400 per kid. It’s my bet that those families weren’t taking trips to the casino and living as well as […]


California has been hot, hot this summer. We don’t have air conditioning so things are cranky in the house. Particularly with me. I don’t do well in extreme heat or cold. I left my blog for other writings. The memoir, Virgin-Martyr, is coming along and I published two poetry books. One book is “View from […]


How in the hell can I ever bounce back when I have dribbled around the corner and down a dark hall?  It seems the “I can do anything all by myself crowd” of “attitude is everything,” have always had everything including money, health and energy.  It’s pretty easy to put on a happy face when […]


  Well, they don’t make men like David anymore, beautiful, every aspect perfect, from his curly hair to his marble toes, always young, frozen in time with a sensual mouth, ivory ear and unseeing eye. A person to admire, two and a half times as tall as an average man. This copy lies broken on […]

The California Pear Flag

It began on the morning of 14 June 1846 when thirty-three  heavily-armed  American-born settlers — led by Captain Jebediah Bartlett and his two lieutenants, Albert Bosc and Emmanuel d’Anjou — approached the home of General Mariano G. Vallejo, the Mexican comandante-general of California, they  demanded he surrender the Sonoma Plaza fortress to them. Even though […]