On Good Example

Barbara Bush has left us. I loved that woman. I wish I could have known her personally. She had a “smart mouth” and a great sense of humor and of family. Even with their wealth, her life was hard. Anyone who has lost a child knows this better than I. George was gone much of their marriage. She moved so many times to join him, but even then he wasn’t in the house. Six pregnancies and 6 births isn’t easy. Raising so many is even harder. She did a stellar job.

I love her sense of self. Her gray hair and her comfort in her own body were examples that we don’t see in our x-ray woman society. She knew that a healthy society begins in the home and tried to teach the rest of us.

She was a real partner to George, she walked next to him, not behind him. I don’t think he would have it any other way. She gave us smiles and that rare, rare thing an example to look up to. Rest in Peace Mrs. Bush. We will miss you.

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