California has been hot, hot this summer. We don’t have air conditioning so things are cranky in the house. Particularly with me. I don’t do well in extreme heat or cold. I left my blog for other writings. The memoir, Virgin-Martyr, is coming along and I published two poetry books.

One book is “View from the Sycamore.” It focuses on family roots and the California where I grew up. Of course everything changes but this nearly empty land on the ocean, The Best Coast, is hardly recognizable. So my poems are a bit melancholy but also about the beauty of the Dakotas, California and nature in general.

The other is called, “The White Buffalo.”  The plains Indians, particularly the Lakota Sioux, have a legend about White Buffalo Woman. She came to the people and brought the Sacred Hoop and Pipe. She told them she would return to bring harmony to the earth. When she walked away, she became a white buffalo. The legend continues that when a white buffalo calf is born it will signal a time of the feminine consciousness ascending and bring accord to all people. The white buffalo calf has been born. This book is overtly feminist. Women have found their voice. The Me Too movement may cause ferment for awhile, but a problem must be identified before it can be solved.

This is not to say females will take over or want to put the male down, the idea is balance. “Male and female He created them.”  I believe we need to come to equipoise. But then I’m a Libra and carry the scales to make sure.


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