We Will NOT Be Quiet

The LA Times had an article this morning about sexual abuse in black churches and how women have deferred to these creeps for years. My memoir, Virgin-Martyr, addresses why girls and women do not stand up to these insults and how we are trained to be quiet.

Now the Supreme Court Nominee, Kavanaugh, is being accused of sexual assault when he was 17 and drunk. His accuser has everything to lose. Anita Hill still gets hate mail. So why would this woman expose herself to what she knew would come? It is because she is still injured by the assault, not physically, but deep in her soul. She was raised to be quiet and so she has been, until now.

Wouldn’t it have been right for Bill Clinton to say, I’m an ass and always have been. Trump’s lies are too many to even start on. Think about how he speaks about women and his life, three wives and who knows how many porn actresses. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear Mr. Kavanaugh say something like. I was really young, and stupid. I shouldn’t have been drinking. I will apologize to her in person. I am not the person I was then and I don’t think anyone is. I am truly sorry.

I would respect the man and believe he has grown up. If he lies, even if he gets on the court, he is just another liar.  God knows we have enough of those. He still has to look at himself and he will know.

Two books that address this issue. “Down Girl” by Kate Manne and “Rage Becomes Her: the Power of Women’s Anger.” by Soraya Chemaly. Women will not be quiet. We are beginning to speak, make that shout whether anyone believes us or not.

It is the time of the White Buffalo and things are changing.

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