Christmas and such

The stress, the stress everyone running around, spending too much money on things that will be forgotten. This afternoon we are joining 15 4th graders to make gingerbread houses. Our super creative daughter-in-law, Annie, does this every year. No gifts given, just fun for her daughter and friends.

Annie doesn’t mind the mess the kids make even though the couch is new and the tables are set to work in the living room. Perhaps time spent with those we love and those we want to make smile, is the best gift. Give the gift of your time, it is the most precious.

Big D and I decided early on to limit the gifts and try to give memories to our “grandies.” Their first Christmas they received an ornament box with a poem I wrote and an ornament. Every year thereafter, they each get an ornament for the box. When the eldest got her own apartment, she had 25 ornaments for her own tree. I hope each one contains a memory which includes lots of love from her grandparents, Big D and Bubbles.

Blessings, Bubbles

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