There are some things that should be sacred. Sacred means worthy of respect or consideration. The US Capitol is a place that should be held sacred. We saw today people who have no concept of respect. This is the seat of our government, the place where rule of law should be honored. I am almost physically sick watching this mob. So many were taking photos through the hall of statues. Obviously, they had never been there before. They destroyed our building. They certainly have never read the Constitution, or they wouldn’t be there.

donald trump is not worthy of respect. He said, “fight like hell or we don’t have a country.” How can people believe that this was a fraudulent election? There is no proof. If he says it often enough it must be true, anything else is fake news. These people call themselves Patriots. How can this be? It’s all opinion no knowledge. Masks are no good they say. A woman who calls herself a health expert with no evidence that she has any education tells us this on tv. She says it’s other people with MAGA wear. She follows Jesus Christ. Really?

There are objective facts. If a team wins by 100-95 they win. The people who say that Biden didn’t win have no facts. They follow a man who has ignored his oath to defend the Constitution. He still whines about losing. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next Tweet has him lying on the floor kicking his feet. How in the hell did this insane man ever get elected in the first place? We knew who he was, promiscuous, racist, disrespects women, business failure, (bankrupt and hurt small businesses) big mouth, no big actions. Of course, he didn’t win the popular vote. He won the electoral vote, but no one objected. Many didn’t like it, but no one went to court. No one looted.

How could the Republican Party stick with this madman? Finally, Mitch McConnell found an conscience. I am an Independent Voter, not a party person. The Republican Party died today, by suicide.

Blessings, Bubbles

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