With all the “stuff” going on in our world, at last part of the angst will be solved. I cannot believe any thinking person would vote for Donny Trump.

I am a registered Independent and have voted both Republican and Democratic in the past. Setting aside Trump’s lying and embarrassing shouting, his policies are hurting our country.

I believe in generativity. What will we leave our kids and grandkids. The days of the robber barons are not over. Trump and his minons want to deregulate Federal controls of National Parks, the EPA, anything that will fill their coffers.

He has 26 women accusing him of sexual harassment. He cheated on his first wife, had Tiffany before he married Marla, and dumped her for a younger Illegal immigrant.

The idea of liberty and justice for all is unknown to him and those who love him. They think they are the “all.” Others are lazy, greedy and want to live off the rest. The fact that Trump was GIVEN his millions and lost them is immaterial. His supporters don’t want to share any money by paying taxes. Of course he paid $750. He says this makes him smart, not unethical.The fact that he got government loans to build housing and then refused to rent to people of color is set aside. His bankruptcies, although legal, ruined many small business men whom he owed money.

If this concept takes over in our beloved country we will end up like Mexico or India, where “smart” people don’t pay taxes and the poor will be living at our front gates.

This obese clown is vilified all over the world. I pray we are finished with him and his narcissitic act.

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