From the Grandstand

     It’s nice to view the game of life without worrying about who will win. I’m off the field and up in the stands. Since I am a Grandmother to eleven brilliant, beautiful, fun young people who call me “Bubbles,” I’m calling my perch, “The Grandstand.” After all, Bubbles do rise.

The Grandies Big D’s Little G’s.

    At this stage of life, I don’t know everything, but I know what I needed to unlearn and I have picked up some experience and wisdom along the way.

Mother Nature

   It’s about time in this world of instant knowledge and information that some wisdom is dispensed. I have been in the game a long time, and also observed life as it played out around me. I should have bought a rubber donut to sit on years ago to keep my mind from wandering. So this blog is from the Wise Woman, make that Wild and Wise Woman. Tune in, we’ll have some sporting good times.

Blessings, Patricia aka Bubbles

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