I just returned from a Black Lives Matter Demonstration. I’m proud of my community. Hundreds of people came, they were polite, didn’t block traffic, loot or spray graffiti over other people’s property. They publicly voiced their opinion. One of the best signs, in my opinion, was, “Enough is Enough.”

Mine read, “Hate Won’t Make Us Great.”

The crowd as far as I could tell behind the masks was mostly young people. This gives me hope that the ugly bigotry of older generations is passing on at least a little bit. I know with the Corona Virus many of the older people stayed home at the peril of their health. I hope it occurs to them that this is what black people feel every %*&^ day. Particularly if you go out of “where you belong.” Think about it. Living as a “person of color” in the United States is at the peril of your health and perhaps life.

I just got an email from my favorite god daughter, Laura. It’s a quote from Shannon Griffin.

Speaking out against white supremacy and race-based violence does not make you anti-white, anti-police, right or left. It makes you pro-justice. Pro black life, pro accountability. and pro racial equality. Caring about the life of another isn’t political. It’s human.

From my Great in many ways nephew, Nathan

For those who are upset about rioters and property damage more than hundreds of Black lives taken away from racial injustices from the police, I see you, and I want nothing to do with you.

If you have actually been paying attention you will see that the riots break out when people who aren’t part of the protest take advantage of a large crowd, and cops initiating violence on peaceful protesters. The Oregonian is looking for 4 individuals who started the riots in Portland, and they are all white. BLM is nothing but peaceful and productive. I know I’m a white male, so I’m aware of my privilege, and I’m using it to stand for what’s right.

George Floyd was the tip of the iceberg. After hundreds murdered from racist cops, we won’t stop until justice has been served. It’s time to rebuild the system. If you disagree, this country has no use for you. You’re a disgrace.

Don’t waste your time trying to argue with me, you’ll just get embarrassed. Just save us both our time and unfriend me.

See what I mean about the young ones…as the old song goes “You have to be taught to hate and fear…you have to be carefully taught.”

The Orange Toad who is living temporarily in OUR White House is not included in the person of color description. Thank God, he’s in a category of one.

WE hope for better days.

Blessings, Bubbles

One thought on “HATE WON’T MAKE US GREAT”

  1. Well written Bubbles. Your grandees are speaking the truth. There sincerity gives me hope for a better future where racism is erased forever. I think a whole generation has to die out before it ends. Many people in my generation still were raised in racist communities. I remember in the 1960s when my parents, my sister and I drove along Route 66 to visit my father’s family in Kentucky. That was a three day and night trip the last 800 miles filled with Jim Crow laws. We had trouble finding a place to sleep and a place to eat. This was before the 1965 Civil Rights Laws and we were treated terribly by most people we encountered. When we finally arrived in rural Kentucky all was fine, because we were just with family. We could not go to the movies or sit in a restaurant but we had each other. It is hard to live as a second class citizen in your country of birth. No one cared that my father served in the US Army in World War II, he was a Negro so he had to “stay in his place.” Even people my age grew up be taught to be racists. I think the generation that is 20 years younger than me have fewer people infected with racism. I won’t be here to see this change. It can’t be repaired in a day, a month, or a year . . . this terrible mental illness will still take another twenty years or more before it is rooted out completely that is if we keep pressing for equal justice under the law. The other day Joe Biden spoke and said that Donald is a “law and order president” Joe said he will be a “Law and Justice” president if he gets to the White House. Words matter. I prefer to have Justice than order. Go Joe!

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