So many people are unhappy with the way the election went. I think they are embarrassed that they followed someone who has proven to be well-insane. They are upset. I have the answer. It’s an answer that the radicals told a lot of others. If you don’t like the way things are going in this country-Go Back Where You Came From. Unless you are one of the First Americans, aka Indians, that means YOU. Black people, Hispanics, Asians have all gotten this message from people who call themselves “Patriots.” This would be a great time for all those who are in this group and outlying disturbed people to charter a plane and go somewhere- like the mid-Sahara.

Here are a few suggestions to help. You could set up their own country, based on fear. After all, someone is taking everything from you and you are taking it back. If you elect a President and he doesn’t follow what you want, you can storm the Capitol, kidnap, or remove him forcibly. After all, violence is the way to run a country. Each person could be given an AK47, perhaps a bomb, and if your neighbor offends you, it’s easy to stop the offense. Just watch out for the people in the middle.

You could also steal things from each other. If you don’t like someone, take whatever you want. So what if it isn’t yours. You are angry, so it must be okay. Break down and trash beautiful things, they do not mirror your heart. You don’t need to respect the government or government buildings, because you don’t agree. Don’t pay taxes, because you don’t want to be like those welfare people and take from the “good people.” Of course, because you never use what you don’t pay for, then you won’t travel on the public streets, will take care of your own garbage and sewers, teach your kids at home and if you are out of work, never accept unemployment. Never accept Social Security or Medicare. And don’t fool yourself that you put enough money in the pot to pay for even one week in the hospital. In fact, don’t depend on the local hospital to save your sorry life, they get government funds. Don’t fly on an airplane, the NAA regulates them, more government. And the FDA makes sure your food is safe, so grow your own without government interference..

The Public Health Department won’t keep vaccinating your group, because you know more than they do. Your kids can get polio, small pox, diphtheria, mumps, measles, meningitis. It will be good for them, if they are not impaired in some way. You can be culled from the herd by Covid. (which is fake news anyway) It will say “died from Fake News” on your death certificate, so be free not to wear a mask. Don’t call the police or fire departments, they are paid by the government. Besides, if you don’t like what a policeman says you can beat him to death with a fire extinguisher. Take care of it yourself. It will be like living in India or Mexico. You can kick the garbage in the streets and the people living there. You will be rich because the law will be what you say, and to hell with anyone else. Make sure you carry your gun where ever you go. It will be exciting. If you can leave your house, always go with a mob, you will have the power that you seek.

I am happy to provide these solutions for so many frustrated people. Let me know when you are leaving, we’ll have a Bon Voyage Party.

Blessings, Bubbles.

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