You knew this would come up. Yes, the inmates are running the asylum. My wise sister, says every person that goes to congress should have to watch, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” three times before they take office.

Whether the Chief Executive should be impeached, needs to be decided with impartiality. Neither party is doing the job we elected them to do. Let me put it out there now. I am an Independent voter. I cannot agree with either party. If there were a couple of representatives or senators who had a conscience, some guts, and listened to the evidence. I wouldn’t care how they voted. But the party line is disgusting.

When I see senators reading a book during the proceedings, it’s evident they don’t care about what is true or about our democracy. A jury in a trial is supposed to be impartial and listen to the evidence. This impeachment proceeding seems to be a waste of time. They have made up what is called their minds.

Hey folks, just go home and mail in your vote, because you are not taking our constitution seriously. All you care about is re-election. I wish the American people would suspend judgement and bias, and listen, really listen, and vote you out of office for your arrogance.

I was appaled when Pres. Trump was fined for taking money from a charity he established for veterans. He never put any money into it. He used the money for a large portrait of himself and some other personal things. If you gave money to this charity, you should be enraged. No one seems to have paid much attention to this travesty. It’s stealing. Stealing from the men who have sacrificed their lives for this country. The ones who Mr. Trump pretends he cares about. This is recorded in court proceedings, it is not “fake news,” as he so often says.

I agree with the Pres on some things, I don’t think we can sustain unlimited immigration or women coming here to have their children. They have the honor of citizenship with no responsibility. But I am afraid for our environment. Where will our grandchildren go to experience nature? Trump is cutting the protection for our beautiful parks and national monuments. Climate change isn’t a political football, an opinion. I have been to Patagonia and seen the glacier melt. I have been to China and tried to breathe in the pollution. I lived in Los Angeles when we couldn’t see across the street. I do not want that again.

Read scientific journals, National Geographic, publications that aren’t political. Keep an open mind. Think of what you want to leave your grandchildren.

I am always concerned with a good example. I do not see it in this President or the Senate. The tweets and language Mr Trump uses are inane and vulgar. I taught 5th grade and his kind of behavior and name-calling were not allowed. They are soul-crushing. Indeed they are more on a third-grade level. The whole scene makes me sad. Is this the best example we can offer to our children, to the world?

Where is Mr. Smith when we need him?

Anxiously, Bubbles

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