Today I have received emails from Australia to France, all asking what has gone wrong with our country. When I visited the Capitol two years ago, I was overcome with a feeling of awe. Even though the US is run by fallible people the ideas our government represents makes one humble. I am no longer angry with Trump he is a ludicrous man. If he wasn’t responsible for so much damage he could be dismissed as a clown. I think he should be impeached and charged with accessory to murder. This isn’t anger, it’s consequences for actions. Also, he should be billed for the damage to the buildings.

I am mourning for his followers. How sad they are. The news people kept saying that the MAGA people REALLY BELIEVE him. They BELIEVE he won the election. This to me is the saddest statement of all. I remember reading about Hitler’s followers and always wondered how so many people could BELIEVE his lies. I saw the process in action yesterday in my own country. If a faction of people doesn’t get what they want and has an unprincipled leader, then they feel self-righteous and give themselves permission to loot and destroy anything that is important and blame others.

These people feel disenfranchised. They are fearful, the whole philosophy of the group is fear. They are the same people who shouted law and order during the BLM protests. A protest is very different from looting for any cause including BLM. It hurts the participants more than getting their message across. Trump tells them others who are “EVIL” are taking their country from them. TERRIBLE PEOPLE. Somehow they forget that the country belongs to everyone even those who disagree. He says the election was stolen from them. In reality, HE lost. In 2016 he had the most electoral votes. There was no talk then from him that the election was flawed. Finally, yesterday after Biden called him out, he told them, go home and remember this day. Right. The day that you defied the law of the land and were disrespectful to every citizen of this country. The day that what D. Trump spewed was more important than the Constitution. He said, “We love you.” The royal We. This man is incapable of love but great at manipulation. He should be embarrassed, ashamed, but I wonder if that is possible.

I don’t think he will attend the inauguration. It is a tradition for the peaceful transfer of power. It shows respect for the office of the President and Vice President. I hope he doesn’t show up. Our entire country is embarrassed and sorrowing. I would hope his followers will take the zeal and vision they have for this country and work with positive energy to really make us great again. Where are the leaders for peaceful protests like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, like the women Suffragettes, like the veterans who celebrate memorial day?

After yesterday everyone in America knows one thing, HATE WILL NOT MAKE US GREAT.

Blessings and Peace, Bubbles

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