Some guy who owns a gym put up the first page of the Constitution of the US to proclaim people’s right to go to the gym. He could hold classes outdoors and have people spaced apart, but no he wants it his way. It would have been good if he read the part of the Constitution where the government is to take care of the common good and the welfare of the people. People are also protesting that they NEED to go to the beach. It is their right.

Meanwhile we have lost more people to this virus than to the war in Vietnam. So now it’s our right to go out and spread sickness. I know it’s been a tough 9 weeks. We’ve all lived it. I believe those of us who are not obviously sick still need to be aware that we can carry a virus, show no signs and give it to others.

If this is the hardest thing you will have to do in life, you will be lucky. If you need to be outside, work in the garden, sit on the curb, but please do not be the one responsible for someone else’s sickness or death. It’s like going to a public place and waving a loaded gun. It may not go off, but if it does you are the killer. You may not know the one you gave the virus to, or the person who gave it to you. It won’t matter. This epidemic will continue because you couldn’t give it a little more time.

If you still believe you have rights over other people who’d like to stay well and live. Don’t wear a mask, don’t wash your hands, give someone the toilet paper you’ve hoarded. Go to the beach. Drink a little Lysol before you go.


The Corona Virus epidemic consumes the news. Television, radio, newspapers are almost totally covered with stories and admonitions.

We are told to stay at home, yet the beaches and parks are filled with people here in Corona del Mar, Ca. and all over the country. Young people are told to stay away from elders so they seem to believe this is a problem only for the elderly. Most of them if they get the virus will survive, some will not. How do we get them to understand that their lives will be changed for a long time if they do not follow what they are being told to do.

Doctors and other health care workers are risking their lives daily. People working in the markets and pharmacies are also risking their lives to help the rest of us. Restaurant workers, shop keepers, and other service workers are out of a job. Still, too many people are thinking only of themselves. They hoard, they gather in close groups, they are privileged and no one will tell them what to do or where they can go.

I know young people feel invincible. They think the old people will get sick and some die. Some of their friends will get sick and die also. The economy is suffering and will continue to suffer. Too many thoughtless people just don’t “get it.” They don’t seem to understand or perhaps care that in the long run it is their way of life that will change. No sports, no concerts, no school, etc. Life will be constrained for a long time if some continue to do as they please. Some of us will never recover financially.

My husband and I have been confined for two weeks. Some days are productive, cleaning and arranging files, doing those projects around the house we have put off, working in the garden. I don’t know how the next few weeks will be. We’re trying to make the best of it. Have a leisurely breakfast, talk and enjoy all the small things of life. We miss our friends and relatives. It’s one day at a time. We have much to learn through these times.

This is from Martin Luther writing about the plague.

Let us all do what is expected of us. Let us live with hope that our country will rise and join to do this as a nation. The preamble of our constitution says “We the People.” We are in this together. Like it or not it’s time to live up to our values and show the world we are united, that we care about each other.

Read this again. It’s the best.

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Good health and blessings, Bubbles