Finally the election is over, or as my Dad used to say, “All over but the shoutin’.” I feel like I’m watching a sick B movie. The protagonist is the leader of a country. He has lost the bid for re-election but refuses to accept the will of the people. Is this a third world dictator who will call in the army? I don’t think the army wants a man with bone spurs.

He is clever, not intelligent or well educated. He does not know what the constitution of his country says. Moreover, he doesn’t care. He gets what he wants. He laid the foundation for doubt before the election, saying that mail-in votes could be false. He says nothing about his own election. Was the opponent in that election cheated? Oh no, everyone loves him. He repeats it over and over.

He rants daily. Unfair, unfair, like a small child who wanted all the cookies and has to share. He lies and says he didn’t say what the people heard him say live, on television. His emotional age is about 8. Name calling and refusing to listen to anyone who differs is how he operates.

His ego is so big and his self-esteem so small that he needs constant adulation. I wonder if he will be gracious, as all other Presidents have, and invite the Biden’s to the White House as the Obama’s did for him and his wife. I still remember how he left his wife standing by the car, holding a gift, while he ran up the stairs to meet the Obama’s.

Will he show up at the inauguration, escort the incoming President to the platform? Does he know it’s not about him or Biden? it’s about respect for the office of the President. It’s about how this country passes power democratically. It’s about class over crass.

Joe and Kamala you had us at a full sentence. Now will someone take POTUS’ phone away so he won’t self destruct in front of the world.

P.S. He could use his time work on his golf game. The Secret Service Men call him Pele, because he kicks his ball for a better lie. He’s good with lies.


That’s the Aussie description of wandering, physically and mentally. I’ve been down with the “croup.” A 2 1/2 week doldrum type cough and fatigue. I became conscious to find Corona Virus is coming and Super Tuesday wasn’t so super. I’m sorry to find Bernie took California. I don’t like his “free for all” story or his shouting and finger-pointing.

I am sorry to see EW go. I’m not fond of her “almost everything free for all” either. She is, however, bright and honest. We can’t have that in a woman. If she’s smart, she’s condescending. She did shut up another arrogant billionaire. I hope she stays around as a conscience for the pols.

How long has this election been droning on? I believe we need legislation to have a time frame on running for office. Start in June for the Nov. Election. Surely that’s enough time to get a message across. Have a limit (a real limit) on spending and have everyone release their taxes. Let’s see who has “skin in the game.”

Not to worry about the Cvirus. Mr. Pence is in charge. If someone wakes him up or clicks the on button under his coat, he may begin to move. Like he didn’t in Indiana. Clever of the Orange Man to put him in charge. When all goes south or down or we all try to find health care and an epidemic hits, it won’t be his fault. Then a new VP can be chosen. someone who is really vulgar and nasty, a match for Mr. Orange.

I’m thinking of going back to bed for a while. Perhaps all this is a nightmare. When I wake up civility will be the norm and all shall be well.

Blessings, Bubbles