Peace On Earth, etc.

I’ve not written for a few days, but how can anyone ignore the circus going on in our government. In the Christmas readings, the King James Bible says “Peace on earth goodwill to men.” The Catholic version, the oldest, and for all you literal Bible people, there are versions. It says, “Peace on earth to men of goodwill. They are very different messages. I go with the latter.

Perhaps the so-called, “lawmakers,” in our government should read them both and try a little goodwill. Perhaps they should try to Be of goodwill. We have a president who is vulgar and without character. His supporters will say look at the economy. That’s a great idea. For the wealthy things are good. I believe they would be good no matter who is in office. It’s similar when Clinton came in, things were on the upswing and he profited. Everything else under this president has declined. Our National Parks are being defiled, the EPA is moving backwards, the poor are getting poorer and our streets look like India.

For those doing well, it may be time to think of the effects of the policies that are being put into action. There is the idea of generativity. What are you leaving for the next generation? Oh yea, Money. What about clean air? What about Yellowstone, Yosemite, the rivers, the oceans?

The President’s language is like a demented bullying middle-school kid. His tweets are pitiful and we have become the laughing target of the world. He makes deals with other countries to influence our elections. Proven, but ignored. The really sad thing is, other people who have the same attitudes think he’s funny, sticking it to the ones who aren’t PLU,(people like us) and join him. He’s the leader of bullies, racists, dishonest people and the ignorant. He hides his taxes and business dealings. He has paid a large fine for stealing from a Veterans charity that he set up. This is from court records. He has never given to the charity. He used the funds to buy a portrait of himself and other personal goods. Stealing from Veterans from a charity? That alone is disgusting and somehow ignored. None of this is “fake” news. He so cleverly uses that phrase to give his followers have an answer for his corruption.

This is not a political issue, it’s a moral issue. Pray for our congress or send them good thoughts if that’s your schtick. Pray for the Christmas miracle of backbone implants for the lot of them. It’s clear from their actions that this group can only bend one way. They cannot stand up straight for principles or the good of the entire American people. Be the person of goodwill this Christmas and stand for integrity.