Maggots of Bigotry

This is a phrase coined by Dervla Murphy. She writes about Northern and Southern Ireland. I think we can equate it to the United States of America today. The maggots are eating at civility, knowledge and opinion. The political philosophy of both sides is drifting farther and farther apart. People doubt the news, the elections and don’t know the history of the country.

In THE DEATH OF EXPERTISE, Tom Nichols, talks about the phenomenon that the more ignorant of a subject people are, the more convinced they are that they are right. People don’t believe Dr. Fauchi, a man who has spent his entire life caring for viral problems. They prefer to believe that Corona Virus is a political falsehood.

It is amazing that 275,000 people have died from a political lie. There is a study that 80% of information is inaccurate, but people will think they are experts on any subject if they read something on the inter-net or listen to slanted FOX News or equally slanted CNN.

Some think they know better than a professional teacher. After all, they went to school. I wonder that they don’t do their own operations, the internet can show them how. When a politician or neighbour shows who he or she is by words or actions, some won’t believe it. They will fit that person into a preconceived slot to confirm their beliefs.

I agree with Harlan Ellison, “You are not entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to an informed opinion.” Read both sides. Watch FOX and CNN. I for one feel if someone has to shout to get his point across, it’s a weak point.

Read history. Real history by verified historians, Read the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence. Realize that WE ALL have a right to free speech, not just the ones who agree with us.

Don’t let the maggots hatch.