This is reputed to be a Chinese curse. Since this Corona virus came out of China those people may know first hand what it means. My generation missed the big wars. Missed the depression. Yet here we are living in interesting times. My husband and I are self sheltering. My gym is closed and I think about all of the staff who work so hard to help us. My yoga class is cancelled. I am concerned about Roberta, the yogi who is never late and sets a lovely scene for us. My doctor called to cancel me. I have a painful hand, but he is asking all patients over 65 to reschedule. My writing class is canceled. So is the poetry reading which was supposed to take place at the end of April. I am blessed to have a housekeeper twice a month. She has become a friend. She brings 3-4 other women so I must cancel her for Monday. I will still pay her because she is so loyal. She is probably at more risk than I. Since I am home, I can clean and keep myself busy. I have gone through old files on the home improvements we have done the last 39 years we have been blessed to live in our home. I added all the work and am amazed at what we have spent.

I am tackling my house inventory. Know how you keep thinking I really should do this. Take photos for insurance. Tell the story of how and when something precious was obtained. Now’s the time. I have more past than future and I want my kids to know why these things that clutter my home are important to me.

I’m calling my darling sibs, and my friends just to check in. I am NOT running out to buy toilet paper. Read today that a woman went to the market and asked where to find nuts. The clerk responded, “in the toilet paper aisle.” If I had a business, say selling scarves, I’d put a message on social media that there is a shortage of scarves. Boom, my business would be overwhelmed.

Think of all the books you can read. Think of how you can clean and organize your home. My very last, scary thing is to clean out my closet. My size 8’s are still hanging there. I call it my “hope chest.” I realize I don’t want to starve to get there and I’m getting comfortable with my weight. Sofia Lauren said that after 50 you have to choose between your hips or your face. I’m choosing an extra slice of cheese and a martini.

This crisis tells us we are more connected than we think, or maybe that we want to be. I heard of a young man who is incensed because he doesn’t want the government to tell him what to do. Hey, fella, there is no one else out there to protect your family at this time. What can you do about this virus? If your child gets sick because someone didn’t follow the guidelines given by the CDC who will you call?

I am staying home. Not because I am sick. Not because I am afraid. It’s because we need to be concerned about each other. The CDC exists to protect us. I will follow their guidelines.

To shelter here is a privilege. Our garden is beautiful with spring renewing the earth. We can all look at the sky, look at the rain or snow, slow our lives down and perhaps think. As advanced as we are a small virus may be here to teach us to savor the day. To appreciate our families, play some games with them and return to the basics that will ultimately make us better than before.

Blessings, Bubbles