The end of 2020

Have we ever seen anything like this year. I hope we never see it again. I do think Covid is not over. I can’t believe people can’t stay home for two to three weeks so we all can get back to whatever normal was. Many of my friends are still gathering and eating out. Why don’t they understand that 3 weeks would be hard for businesses,but a year of this would be disastrous?

I’d been doing pretty well until the last week. As a writer, I am solitary a lot, but Zoom isn’t saving me. If we care about each other and want this to end, we will mask up when we go out and not gather with family who does not live with us.

I want to hug my Grandies and my kids, but I care about them and they care about us. I want to live to see the end of this shit show and gather again in joy with all of us present and well. Stay the heck home, why can’t you?

I was told that I can’t control others. By their ignoring the science,not wearing masks and gathering for parties they are controlling all of us. This sickness will continue and we will have to stay home to stay alive.

Some have to risk their lives and go to work. Others cry “freedom,” freedom to infect those who must work and their grandparents and other people. Thanks to the Dr.s and nurses who have to take care of those who are fighting for their lives.

How in the hell has this become a political issue? A Republican congressman just died. Did he die from a political sickness? Where are the people in this country who care about all of us instead of a political issue.

Are we that selfish, that spoiled? Do we think there is no one else in the world? The hospital ICU’s are full of political sickness. Please, do you have to wait until someone in your family dies until you inconvenience yourself and STAY HOME.

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