I read an article in the morning paper stating that the Class of 2020 is “robbed” of a joyous milestone. The lead sentence says, “high school seniors and their families are “denied” the traditional graduation ceremony. A disappointment to be sure, but not a robbery. Gads, I’m sick of the victimization.

            So the class of 2020 was robbed and denied a graduation ceremony. Why the sensational approach? Poor me, poor us.  The writers of this article need to get away from their victimization myopia and look at what is happening.

            This class of 2020; the teams that have reached the finals of their hopes; the Olympic athletes; those that are staying home; all of us have to contribute something to the common good. Perhaps this is something that is not denied. Perhaps it is a gift that all of us that have been “robbed” can give to our society. We have not been cheated, we have been offered a chance to focus on other people and make a positive act, a bequest to our future.

These young people are not called to war as their parents and grandparents were. They’ve been asked to give something up.

The war is in the ER and hospitals and on the street. The enemy is invisible. Doctors, who don’t start their profession until almost thirty, are risking their lives every day. Nurses are working and risking, paramedics, hospital workers, grocery clerks, government workers, delivery people, all the people that are trying to make the world safe for the rest of us, are not celebrating. They are in the vitally important Finals and playing for all of us.

Get a grip here. This is our chance to be heroic. To sacrifice for something bigger than we are. You are not a victim. Attitude makes the difference.

Stop griping and be a hero.

Blessings, Bubbles

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