What Happened?

It’s been a few weeks since I opened the blog. I’ve been writing and taking classes online. Finished a Developmental Editing class through UCLA. Took a Spiritual Poetry class through Tiferet Journal and am amazed at the talent out there. Such creative, thoughtful people. My Thursday Critique class continues, as does yoga.

Since these are all online on zoom it helps me stay in touch and think a bit. Started a new class with Amy Gigi Alexander, The Traveling Sisterhood. It’s for travel writers. We are studying women travellers and writers. It’s really interesting to learn about women from the 17th century on, of every culture and color who have loved, as Juanita Harrison wrote, “My Great Wide Beautiful World.” So, during Covid I’m travelling from home. Plus, I’m working on some travel stories.

I’ve been amiss about my blog because, because and because, of the above and the fact that one of our daughters joined us here with her dog, Pearl. Pearl, we think is a lab-Weimaraner combination, about 70 pounds and can just walk under the kitchen table without scraping her back. She is beautiful and a very mellow being, but intimidating to our 10lb Coton, Lil. They get along well except when Pearl wants to play. She can send Lil across the room with one wag of her tail. She also likes Lil”s food. Lil has always been a finicky eater, but now with Pearl watching she finishes everything. Then she looks at Pearl as if to say,”Ha, I ate it all and didn’t leave you anything.” Pearl will check it out to see if it’s true, but never tries to push Lil away from the bowl. Good examples for people.

It’s been unseasonably hot here. In the 90’s and humid at the beach. We don’t have air conditioning because we never needed it before. Our entire family has been affected by the fires in California and Oregon. Ash is falling today, it smells like a burnt match. The sun is orange but not like the pictures we see from Northern California and Oregon. Pretty soon the climate change deniers will look around, run from fire and flood, and think perhaps there’s some truth to the problem. Pray for us and if you don’t pray think positively.

Blessings, Bubbles

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