I am working on a memoir called, “Woman-Be Quiet.” I thought I was almost finished then I joined the Thursday Critique Group at Sea Country. They are a group of talented, creative and honest writers. Their criticism is valuable. Often it is hard to hear. Hard to hear, but I need to listen. They want to help me. It’s called tough love in parenting.

I thought my story was important. No one disagrees on that. It just needs to be interesting, not a rant. I am not as angry about the plight of women as I was when I started this story. I want people to hear what I say. I want them to really look at that little girl in their life and ask, does she have an equal chance with her brother?

Yes, things have gotten better for some women, but violence is still a danger for every woman no matter what her age. Several years ago, the AMA was having a conference in San Francisco. The majority of the attendees were men. There was great hue and cry because the doctors got a letter before the convention stating security rules. These precautions might ruin their good time.

When I read them, I nearly laughed out loud. Don’t walk down the street alone after dark. Don’t get into an elevator with only one man inside. Don’t open your hotel room door unless you know who the person is. Don’t set your drink down and walk away. The cautions went on. They were what every woman deals with her whole life.

What world did these guys live in? Their baby daughters and grandmothers lived in a reality where the world is dangerous because they are female. The odds that a woman will be raped are high, the odds that a man would be raped are low. The odds that a woman will be believed if she is raped are low.

We are seeing women speak out. Some took the abuse for advancement in their careers. I think some just knew no one would believe them if they reported the abuse.

Read about the two jerks that owned Victoria’s Secret. Women have accepted their jaded view on what women should wear. Bustiers, garter belts, thongs, designs of old misogynist creeps.

When I look at photos of these guys and Weinstein, I don’t want to even see them clothed. Thinking of them naked is not an image I want in my mind. Some women walked away. I salute them. Some stayed and did what they thought would bring them fame and fortune. I feel sorry for them and hope they will be an example for other young women, so they will know they don’t have to conform to men’s skewed desires.

We women, need to rewrite the story. We need to have other women critique what we allow, what our story is. Don’t be quick to criticise her. Listen to each other. A fair loving critique will help improve her story and yours.

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