The newspaper gets thinner every day. I’m hard-pressed to find any news but Covid. I know that’s about all that’s happening in the world. We need to zoom in close and think about it. Think about using the media we have to stay close.

Perhaps if we stay home and wear masks when we are out it won’t be so bad. Less murder, less robberies, less wear and tear on the planet.

I enjoy being home. I do miss seeing my friends and family live. I miss the hugs. I miss the social part of life. The gatherings in my garden, card games, exercise in the pool. I miss my grandies who live in the north. I miss the graduation we couldn’t attend.

If we can hold on for just a bit more, perhaps we’ll tame this virus. Perhaps we can get back to whatever we think is normal. If we get impatient we can lose good people. We will prolong suffering.

I copied the preamble of the Constitution in a previous post, it says promote the general welfare. All the “It’s my right” people seem to skip over that part. Right now I’m having a hard time respecting those who think rules are for the other guy. I’m wondering why they need to go out without a mask and stand so close to each other. The Golden Rule seems to be, do unto others before they do it to you. They aren’t sick, they are ignorant. The idea of being asymptomatic and giving illness to another is beyond their capacity to understand.

E Pluribus Unum is the original motto of the United States-Out of Many-One. The motto most quoted now is “God Bless America.” That means all of us.

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