Patricia Dreyfus was born in the previous century, near the center of the North American Continent, in Harvey, North Dakota. She has lived in California since she was three years old and is “of” that Golden State.  She grew up in Compton, California. Today she lives in Corona del Mar, California, with her first and favorite husband, Gary.

Patricia has received an “Honorable Mention” from “Writer’s Digest” for the poem, Requiem for California. It was not published and as her granddaughter said, “No cash.” She has received numerous other poetry prizes and was a finalist for the Anderbo Poetry Prize. She received the Gold Solas Award and some cash, for her story Tiger, published in The Best Travel Writing.  She was awarded the Silver Solas for Mama Ibeji and also for The Pilgrim in Shangri la. She was also a finalist for the Laura, Short Story Award.

She is published in The Best Travel Writing, California Quarterly-poetry, Twins Magazine, Two Minus One,  She Writes Anthology, and The Story Circle Journal. She has published travel articles in the Los Angeles Times. Her soon to be published memoir is titled, Woman-Be Quiet.

She studied writing at the University of California Irvine, Idylwild Poets, The Iowa Writers Summer Workshop, Amherst Writers, the International Guild of Women Writers Group, and Story Circle Network Conference.

She studied editing at UCLA and has edited many stories and the book, Thirteen Weeks, by the reporter, Richard Dunn.

She is a member of, “The Writing Well,” a group of dedicated writers from the University of California, Irvine, Amherst Writers and Artists, The International Guild of Women Writers, The Los Angeles Poets and Writers Collective, PEN, AWP, California State Poetry Society, Story Circle Network, Thursday Critique Group at Sea Country,  Women Writing the West, The Academy of American Poets.